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Wild Hair Pirate. NFTs since 2017. Web3 Identity. Ethereum Family. AI Explorer.

Web 3

Digital Identity

Your jpg-pfps are cute but interoperable 3D avatars will scale the 3D manifestation of Metaverse identities. I started to advocate for tokenized VRM avatars in 2020 and saw increased adoption since. I've been very consistent about the visualization of my own digital identity and will continue to experiment with interoperability on that front as I strongly believe in the importance of this web3 cornerstone which will be crucial for self expression across the next interation of the internet.

This video was recorded in a browser-based MOCA ROOMs experience via Webaverse. It reflects the future of social media applications which will slowly become three dimensional. Full body tracking or webcam-based videocalls with AI fueled tech behind the scenes will be the norm. The latest iteration of my vrm avatar has incredible degrees of interoperability which allows me to join almost anywhere.

Now imagine you can prompt content using your digital identity inside AI software like Stable Diffusion. I recently wrote a guide about this particular topic. The bleeding edge of Web3 x Metaverse x AI is the intersection that I'm spending lots of time exploring these days. Looking for lateral application.

Applied Research

Back in 2020 I summoned the tokenized identity Nature which sparked my research around avatars and web3 identity. While doing all sorts of tinkering and experiments, the Nature project started to build a digital online persona that explores community-driven IP integrations and cross-platform storytelling. Visit her official website to dig into the project and join the Tribe of Nature to connect.

Two years later my submission to the M3 Metaverse Makers got accepted. M3 is a virtual hackerspace that focuses on building aswell as teaching and learning everything that accelerates the creation of an open and interoperable Metaverse. I'm going to aggregate my own knowledge and experience around avatars and other building blocks via structured content into the organisation.

Crypto Art

The Crypto Art Community is one of the most fundamental web3 tribes. I've been around the early artists and collectors for years and supported creators. The whole mindset goes way beyond the bored NFT narratives surfacing into mainstream media. Since 2021 most of my attention is spent on the Museum of Crypto Art. Read the MOCA Manifesto to understand why it deserves so much energy.

Want to explore my most meaningful digital assets? You're one click away from my MOCA Multipass which is comfy to browse. The art above is curated and embedded via the free MOCA Show dapp.


Focus: MOCA

I love building inclusive web3 tools that can be used by artists and collectors. Most of my energy is dedicated to build the highly accessible Museum of Crypto Art. Our multi-chain product ecosystem enables collectors to express themselves using their digital collectibles. They can curate multi-player exhibitions with friends to showcase their favorite tokenized assets IRL and across the Internet.

MOCA ROOMs was the next big leap. ROOMs allow individuals and DAOs to curate their NFTs onchain and spawn them across the Metaverse. The interoperable 1/1 architecture can be managed in the MOCA dapp to be instanced into multiple virtual worlds via Subgraph fueled APIs. The sum of all ROOMs make up the metaphysical form of the museum. A NounsDAO auctions fork emits 1 NFT per day.

But MOCA is more than products. Our mission is to preserve the truth. A common truth is found when many voices are heard. The non-profit foundation lifts up artists around the globe and enables decentralized curation via web3 native tooling. It aggregates curated subjective reality into immutable objective history records that are stored onchain and across data providers like IPFS and Filecoin.


We build all sorts of web3 projects with our devshop Qwellcode. However there are a few projects with deeper involvements via long term partnerships. For these projects we're committed to help with priotized resources, strategic decisions and my personal network. Make sure to follow them.


At ETHDenver 2019 we shipped the first version of POAP to Ethereum Mainnet. My friend Patricio asked Daniel, Gonzalo and me to join and we didn't disappoint him. Since then Proof of Attendance Protocol allows event organizers to issue tokenized badges for real and virtual attendance in sybil resistant manner. It was a pleasure to build and bound with this crew. They'll always have my support.


Sharing knowledge is crucial which is why I've been helping friends from amazing projects along the road with advisory. I share years of experience in the web3 space, a reputable network and crucial insights into applied research around bleeding edge technology.


Made in Germany. Since 2018 our team at Qwellcode is creating web3 dapps. The company was founded in 2013 and after over is responsible for tech at many different projects. A lot of the stuff you saw on this website wouldn't have been possible without this team - Thanks for sticking around.